Monday, November 16, 2009
 Resume Builder 4.5 :The New Version
Resume Builder v4.5 by Sarmsofta ,It is complete solution to all your resume writing problems. You can now create your own customized, expert and visually appealing resume in a few minutes. The user friendly interface of the software is very useful in building your own custom resume quickly and effortlessly.

Resume Builder v4.5 makes the task of building a well-written and well-designed resume a breeze by allowing its users to choose from more than fifteen different resume styles. Users can create their resume by looking at the sample resumes and examples in various languages such as
  • French
  • German
  • English.
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Italian.
Resume Builder can display the resume structure in a user-friendly format, so that you can choose which sections of it to publish. You can also modify the order of the Published Sections Biographical Data, Objective, Employment History, Education History, Personal, Skill Areas, Publications, Honors/Awards, Summary, Licenses and Certification, Military History, and References.
The software plus has an Exporting to HTML feature that generates an HTML-based resume, which can include hyperlinks and other web-specific functionality.


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