Monday, November 16, 2009
Main features:
  • Styles and templates. Choose from more than fifteen various resume styles. Compose powerful resumes and cover letters with our free professionally designed templates.
  • Sample resumes and resume examples. Find sample resumes and examples in French, German, and English languages. Templates and resume writing tips are also available for your job search. Resume Builder provides the collection of free sample resumes, designed especially for job-seekers.
  • Defining your resume formation. Resume Builder can display the resume structure in a user-friendly format, so that you can choose which sections of the resume to publish. You can also modify the order of the Published Sections; Biographical Data, Objective, Employment History, Education History, Personal, Skill Areas, Publications, Honors/Awards, Summary, Licenses and Certification, Military History, and References.
  • Complete control. You can even make to order the toolbar in Resume Builder. Configure it to suit your needs! You can specify the font sizes, text styles and colors, background, headers, tables and lines.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office. Resume Builder supports exporting resumes to the Microsoft® Word and plain-text formats.
  • HTML publication. Exporting to HTML generates an HTML-based resume, which can include hyperlinks and other web-specific functionality.
  • Business standards. Resume Builder supports exporting to the HR-XML standard. The HR-XML standard is a set of XML specifications that allows e-business and data-exchange automation in the human resources area.
  • Resume printing. Resume Builder supports preview and printing any section of your resume.
  • Spell checker. Resume Builder includes professional spell-checking, complete with international dictionaries.
     Advanced Features
  • International languages. Resume Builder is an international program. The software comes in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch. You can create resumes in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch or Italian.
  • Complete contacts. The software comes with an internal database of recruitment companies and employers contacts. Create, modify or remove your contact records easily.
  • Easy e-mail. Resume Builder includes an e-mail messaging system. Send resumes to your contact members easily.
  • Integration with Outlook Express. You can send an e-mail and use the SMTP Wizard to select your Microsoft® Outlook Express profile. The wizard can detect an existing profile on your computer and use that profile, instead of creating a new one.
  • Integrated FTP client. You can upload your resume to your web site right after creation.
  • Cover letters. Resume Builder includes several cover letter examples, allowing you to e-mail your resume with a cover letter to prospective employers.
  • Formatting text. You can make your text appealing by using our HTML tags editor for making your resume look professional with bulleted lists and more. Formatting with Resume Builder is easy!
  • Uploading photo. You may want to upload your photo or any graphic images to complement your resume.


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